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  • Traders Athletic Singlet - 2 Pack


  • Traders Heavy Weight Tee

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  • Traders Raglan Tee 2 Pack


  • The Raglan Tee - 2 PK


  • Bonds White Chesty Singlets 2 Pack


  • Bonds Navy Chesty Singlets 2 Pack


  • Bonds Raglan Tees - 2 Pack


  • Bonds Coral Island Singlet


  • Bonds Vee Neck Coral Island T-Shirt


  • Holeproof All Seasons Singlets


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Bonds, Holeproof and Lowes singlets for men and will almost certainly cost you less at Lowes.

At the Lowes mens underwear and underwear departments you can find singlets made by Bonds, Holeproof and more. You'll also find Lowes' own brand singlets.

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